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Kodak Gallery – Mobile Photo Scanning June 29, 2007

Posted by Mike in Online Service, Organize, Photos, Technology, Worth the Money.

As a regular user of the Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto), I get periodic emails about their products and services. A recent email about a mobile Scan Van caught my attention.

Here’s the scoop: Kodak will send a high tech van to a shopping mall, school or other location. They’ll ask customers to schedule appointments with them. Their staff will then scan and upload 200 photos for $24.99 into a customer’s free account at the online Kodak Gallery.

Scanning by professionals with professional equipment for $24.99?

That’s quite a deal, especially for those who either aren’t comfortable using a computer scanner or don’t have the time to do it. A person could convert several photo albums worth of pictures into digital copies quickly and inexpensively.

With the pictures digitized, you can view them online, share them with friends and family and have an online backup of precious photos. It looks like a good idea from Kodak: Taking the hassle out of picture scanning and giving people all the benefits of digital photos.

Of course, the only downside I see at the moment is a BIG one:

At the time of this posting, the Kodak “Scan Van” is only scheduled for events in Atlanta and North Florida. Ouch. I’m not about to hop on a plane to take advantage of their service, but I’ll keep an eye out for any future events in Northern California.

The Kodak Scan Van!



1. Brian M. - June 30, 2007

Thanks for the tech tips, they are most informative. The site looks good!!!!

2. Jennifer Spoerri - November 8, 2007

Hi Mike,

I noticed your post a while back about the KODAK Scan Van. Did you know that it is, in fact, in the Bay Area now? For more info about Bay Area Scan Van stops, check out http://scanvan.kodakgallery.com/

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