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Time to Jott: Convert Voicemail to Email for free June 29, 2007

Posted by Mike in Freebies, Online Service, Technology.

I recently tested out a new Internet service from the folks at Jott. You sign up for a free account on their site. You can then call a toll free phone number and leave voice message that gets translated into an email. And, best of all, it is free! Like everyone else, I enjoy free. It’s even better when the freebie is useful as well. And believe me, Jott is useful.

While I’m driving, I can now push the 9 key on my cell phone to speed dial the Jott 800 number and leave a message. I don’t have to engage in any dangerous email or text-while-driving activities to get an email delivered to a friend, colleague or family member.

I can also use Jott to leave myself a note, instead of scribbling a phone number or a grocery list onto a piece of paper (which inevitably gets lost).

Here’s a list of the good features and uses of Jott:

  • You can setup Jott to email a group of people.
  • You can import your contacts from AOL, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Plaxo.
  • Every time you Jott, you can view a copy of your message on Jott.com
  • You can print your Jotts for your records
  • Your “Jott” email includes an audio clip of your message.
  • You can use Jott to send yourself a reminder.

Jott is still a beta product, so there is room for improvement. Here’s my list of Jott shortcomings:

  • You are limited to 30 second voice messages when you call.
  • The translation is not always 100% accurate. Your Jott email message will often contain mis-spellings, which limits its effectiveness for business purposes.

Because of these shortcomings, I am not comfortable using Jott for business emails. My primary Jotting is for reminder messages to myself or personal emails. The folks at Jott do recommend that you speak clearly and spell out any hard to pronounce or unusual words. With 30 second message limits, this will further reduce your message time.

I do think Jott will work well for a youth sports coach who needs to notify all parents about a cancelled game or a busy mom who needs to remember a phone number or create a to do list.

All in all, Jott is off to a good start and I can’t complain too much if it is free.

There are alternatives to Jott. For example, E.V.A. (Electronic Virtual Assistant) offers the same service for a monthly fee. It is pricey, but better for business because a human being actually listens to your message and accurately transcribes it into an email for you.

If you’d like more Jott info, you can also read their blog.



1. Mike - December 6, 2007

Hi All,

I got this bit of good news from the folks at Jott a couple of days ago via email:

Dear Gmail Jotters,

After three days of rain and snow, the sun is finally shining in Seattle — just in time to celebrate the release of the official Google Calendar Jott Link! If you’re out and about, and want to update your calendar in a single step, just Jott!

To take a sneak peak at this application (we’re letting the word out tomorrow), visit Jott.com and add Google Calendar to your Jott Links.

When you Jott to your Google Calendar, simply leave a message like… “Meet Andy for lunch tomorrow at noon.” Jott will transcribe your message, and lunch with Andy will automatically be added to your calendar for noon the next day. This amazing, single step feature is the perfect complement to Google Calendar when you’re away from your PC. For information on Jott Links and how they work, visit http://jott.com/jott-links/.


The Jott Team

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