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Freecycle.org – Giving (and receiving) products for free July 3, 2007

Posted by Mike in Freebies, Online Service, Technology.

Freecycle Network
“Clean out your garage, give someone a “freebie”, and help save the environment all at the same time!”

This quote neatly sums up the purpose of Freecycle.org. It’s a network of people who are looking to give away their unneeded items.

If you’re out to make a buck, then sell your items on eBay, Craigslist or at a local garage sale (no Internet needed for that option). If you need to get rid of something, rather than throw it away, why not post a message and see if someone in your community would like to pick up the item? That’s how it works.

Members are organized into local groups using Yahoo Groups. I recently joined one for my town and there are over 800 members in it so far. I’m number 804.

Why not give it a try? Visit the web site and find a group in your area! If there isn’t a group, you can create one for your community. Who knows….you might be able to get a free lawnmower, picture frame or a lamp from someone in your own town, keeping those items out of the landfill for a few more years.

Click here for a little background on how Freecycle began.



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