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SuperCopy – An easy way to copy files in Windows July 6, 2007

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It’s always nice to find a piece of software that takes a task and makes it easier.  SuperCopy, created by Nathanael Jones, takes the file copying process (good ole’ copy/paste) and improves it for the average user.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?   Nathanael’s program is also Open Source, which means he welcomes other people to take his work and improve upon it.  If you’d like to read about why he created the program, please do so here.
DOS commands are fairly simple in theory and quite useful in general. However, they’re seldom used by the average computer user, who is scared of the DOS prompt. SuperCopy helps the average user take advantage of one of these commands in particular, XCOPY.

According to Nathanael Jones:

“Super Copy provides a very robust way to copy files in Windows. Super Copy does not prompt you for more information once the copy has started; all options are specified beforehand. This is simply a lightweight interface for XCOPY, and will not negatively affect your system’s performance.”

SuperCopy allows a user to select the files and folders to be copied on their hard drive and then create and save a batch file. When the batch file is run by the user, it automatically copies and pastes the selected files. Click here for(more info on batch files.)

Here’s how I use it:

1. Using SuperCopy, I select the files and folders I want to copy on my computer and specify the location to copy them to (in this case a USB hard drive).
2. I create a batch file using SuperCopy and save it to my computer.
3. I connect an external USB hard drive to my computer.
4. I click on the batch file to run the commands to backup my files.
5. I remove the USB hard drive and I’ve completed my backup.

To make the 5-step process even easier, I can go to into the Control Panel in Windows and setup a schedule to run the batch file on a weekly or daily basis using “Scheduled Tasks.”

With that done, my 5-step process to backup my data files is now a 1 step process.

What’s my 1 step?

I just need to be sure my USB hard drive is attached to my computer when it’s time to backup my files!



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