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YouSendIt.com – How To Send Large File Attachments July 25, 2007

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It is bound to happen to you sooner or later.  You’ve got an attachment that is too large to email.  Your email service may limit the size of an attachment you can send or perhaps the recipient of your email has a service that limits their attachment size.  Or, you’ve got no size limit but the sheer size of the attachment brings your email service to a grinding halt as it tries to send the attachment.

Sooner or later, you’ve got to ask yourself if there’s an easier way. 

It happened to my friend James.  James is a globe trotting lawyer with a zest for life and a sense of humor.  This latter character trait led him to an open mic night at a comedy club in Asia.  Now, he thinks he’s funny.  He says he has proof. He has a video. 

He wanted to post it to YouTube but the video is 70 MB in size and he isn’t sure how to compress it.  Emailing it was not an option. Burning it to a CD and sending it via the postal service is so 2001.  We’re in Web 2.0 nowadays, so James found yousendit.com.

YouSendit.com allows you to securely upload large files and then email a link to a person to download the file.  They have a FREE version (gotta love it) and they also have subscription accounts with more oomph, should you need it.

YouSendit.com has been selected as one of the Top 100 private companies for 2007 by AlwaysOn. They were also recently awarded a place on the Webware 100 list, so they’re a highly regarded company.

Their service is easy to sign up for and use. The free account is great for personal use. Small business owners looking for an inexpensive file sharing solution may want to subscribe to one of their business accounts. By doing so, you can securely share files and not have to worry about purchasing computer hardware and hiring a technician to maintain the hardware.

As always, visit the company’s blog for the latest news.

As for my friend James….is he funny? I’ll let you know as soon as I download his video.



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