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How to Blog: Resources to Help a Person or a Business Start a Blog August 3, 2007

Posted by Mike in Blogging, Business, Creative, Learning, PC ABCs, Real Estate, Technology.

Blog KeyboardThere are many resources on the web to help a person or a business start a blog
and my goal with this post is to list many of them to educate and inform new bloggers.

First of all, why blog? That’s a personal question, but a blog can be your own voice on the Internet to discuss a topic you are passionate about. Passion is a key ingredient, because you have to enjoy a subject in order to write about it on a regular basis.

I’m assuming that you’ve already decided to blog if you’re reading this. Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Learn how to blog by seeing how others are doing it. Use Google’s
    to locate other people blogging on topics similar to yours. For example, You’ll get lots of ideas on
    different writing styles and templates that exist for blog sites.
  2. Sign up for a free account with a blogging web site. (Yes a blog
    is a web site just like a square is a rectangle.) Here are some popular
    ones: WordPress, Google’s Blogger, Typepad.
  3. Educate yourself on blog vocabulary. How? By visiting the blogossaryor wikipediaof course!


The folks who wrote these blogs have provided all of us with a wealth
of information on blogging. You’d be wise to read every last word.

  1. RSS Pieces Besides the catchy name that makes me hungry, this site is a great place to learn how to blog effectively. It’s target audience is the real estate community, but the advice is good for any blogger.
  2. Lorelle on WordPress. Straight talk on blogging plus a collection of additional links to articles related to blogging.

Blogging for Business

A blog can be a great way for a small business owner to improve the web presence of their local business. People go to Google to search for florists, pizza places, restaurants, doctors, bookstores, etc. When we search, we type in a city or zip code along with keywords like “bookstore”. Wouldn’t it make sense for the local bookstore to be on
the first search results page? A blog can help a business get recognized more prominently on search results pages, but it takes time and effort and won’t happen overnight.

Business Owners Read These Blogs:

1. 20 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

2.Blogging for Business Owners

A company called Blogging Systems offers to create a web site for small businesses, non-profit organizations, churches and other groups that may want to establish a blogging site for their community. Again, I’ll recommend a blog post written at RSS Pieces titled “Ultimate Guide to a Real Estate Blog Site” because the advice given can really apply to any blog site. Blogging is still a new and ever-evolving form of communication.

I am by no means an expert, but I wanted to share what I’ve learned (and found) so far to help others get started. If you have another resource or a suggestion, please let me know.

Now that you’ve learned your blogging ABC’s, you can start blogging today!



1. Lorelle VanFossen - August 3, 2007

Thanks for the link to my article. I also have more helpful advice in my Blogging Tips category.

One thought, though. You are offering a great list of how to blog tips and resources, and yet your blog hosts one of the most annoying features on the web, Snap Preview. It kept popping up while I was trying to read through and click on the links to the great resources you’ve included, covering the text and taking longer to go through your post than I should have, as Snap Preview doesn’t go away nicely consistently. It is considered by some of the top bloggers to be more than an annoyance but a detriment to blog readers. Just thought you should know.

Thanks for the great info!

2. Mike McGinley - August 3, 2007

Hi Lorelle,

Thanks for reading my post and providing feedback. I wasn’t aware that Snap Preview is considered to be a nuisance. I turned it off for now. Thanks for the tip.

3. Lorelle VanFossen - August 4, 2007

You’re welcome. And you are doing great work. Keep up the fantastic content!

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