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Do Your Part to Reduce E-waste: Resources for Computer and Electronics Recycling August 25, 2007

Posted by Mike in Business, Hardware, PC ABCs, Technology.

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Governments and businesses are beginning to offer good options for consumers to wisely dispose of their old computer and electronics equipment.

The goal is to keep these items out of landfills because the components inside of these devices are often harmful or toxic if not disposed of properly.

The state of California seems to have taken the lead in promoting e-Waste recycling. As a result, Californians have a growing number of options available to them when it comes time to part with a computer, TV, VCR, etc.

I’ve compiled a brief list of recycling options to help folks understand the options available to them.

Recycling Programs sponsored by Businesses

ComputerTakeBack.com compiled a list titled, Which computer company will take back your old computer?

Computerworld.com has posted an article titled Sony to offer e-waste Recycling in the USA.

Earth911.org announced that Staple’s first major retailer to accept e-waste

General Recycling Info

eRecycle.org offers Californians the option to find an eWaste Recycling Center in California.

Recycleforbreastcancer.org is a local recycling option for San Francisco Bay Area as is RapidRecycle.net.

GreenPeace offers a Guide to Greener Electronics and reports on which companies are leading the way in improving their manufacturing processes.

EPA.gov offers basic information on recycling or donating computer equipment.





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