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How a Radio Show Host Made Me Blog Off Topic September 11, 2007

Posted by Mike in Blogging, News.


This topic has nothing to do with technology, but given the significance of today’s date and the events of 6 years ago I thought it best to talk about it.

Listening to Ronn Owen’s on KGO NewsTalk 810 this morning, he began his show with an hour’s discussion about 9/11.  In particular, he was concerned that networks were choosing not to show video footage of the terrorist attacks because they were worried it would upset viewers.

Callers to the show provided varying opinions on whether or not this footage should be shown.  One woman was concerned that her son’s school wasn’t discussing the terrorist attacks with the students and another caller said that his son (age 14) couldn’t recall seeing the actual video of airplanes crashing into buildings and killing hundreds of people.

I agree with Ronn.  We need to see the footage on the anniversary of the attack.  It is the Pearl Harbor of our time and we must not forget the shock, the grief or the savagery of these attacks.  There are people in the world who hate Americans with such fervor and vitriol that they killed civilians on our own soil.

9/11 happened. 

Remember the day.  Remember the victims.  Remember the grief.  Remember the courage. Remember the compassion.  Remember so our children and future generations do not forget.

Watch this tribute and remember:




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