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Grab the Popcorn and Watch My 5 Minute Video: How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word September 18, 2007

Posted by Mike in Freebies, Learning, Software, Technology, Training, Videos.

I’ve created an online video demonstration (with audio) to walk you through the steps of doing a mail merge to create mailing labels. I used MS Word 2003.

My video demo assumes that you have your data in an MS Excel spreadsheet.

No worries. The video is only 5 minutes long. You can sit through that, right?

In my opinion, mail merge has way too many steps. I can’t improve the process but hopefully this video will help you learn it because it is a useful function!

Learn How to Mail Merge Video

I’d appreciate your feedback on this demo. I’m using a new software program called Jing by Techsmith. I think it’s great for training (I’ll right a review on it soon) but would like your opinion too!



1. Show ‘Em What’s Going on: Record and Share Your Screen Activity with Jing « My Tech Talk - October 2, 2007

[…] As an example, I used JING in an earlier blog post to demonstrate how to mail merge. […]

2. julia - September 15, 2008

I think that’s really good. I’ve just used Captivate and thought your example looked really professional. I haven’t used it much so not really aware of the respective pros/cons.Thanks for sharing it. .

3. Mike - September 15, 2008

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the feedback. I do enjoy using the JING software by Techsmith. It works well for short demos that don’t require editing after being recorded. Two of Jing’s drawbacks are the short duration that you’re able to record (5 minutes, max) and the minimal editing tools available to use post-recording. Captivate doesn’t have either limitation, but it does come with a sizable price tag. For basic screen recording, Jing does the job just fine.

4. Trisha Popham - April 18, 2011

Thank you…thank you. I’m NOT a techy person and you made it so simple for even me to do a mail merge. Your info. was very clear and greatly appreciated.

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