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What if Google & Yahoo Didn’t Exist? Fun Alternative Search Engines to Try October 19, 2007

Posted by Mike in Freebies, Fun, Learning, music, Technology.

Have you ever imagined, for just a moment, that Google and Yahoo didn’t exist? Blasphemy? Hardly, but it is an interesting thought.

I decided to step outside of my comfortable search engine routine to see what existed outside the Yahooniverse and the Land of Google.

My quest quickly led me to Charles Knight’s archived article from February 2007 on the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines.

Naturally, with a title like that, Charles has done most of the work for me. I simply cherry picked from his list a few of the alternative search engines that sounded interesting and tested them out for myself.

Here’s a list of 7 alternative search engines that I enjoyed:

LivePlasma.com – niche search engine for entertainment information on bands, movies, actors and directors Displays the info on a visually appealing map.

See a sample.

The goal is to help you find info on an artist and also show you other bands, artists,
movies or actors with similar qualities that you may enjoy.
You can email your info maps to friends.

Pipl.com – a dedicated People search!

Google-esque in its simple look, Pipl asks you to type in a person’s name and location to find info about them. I searched for my friend’s name and it showed the address of each of his last two residences, his LinkedIn profile and a court case record from 1999 from the Superior Court of California for a speeding ticket! D’oh.

This engine may be a little too good.

Askvox.com – Would you like a talking avatar to read you answers?
Then this is the site for you! In addition to displaying search results, it will also try to locate an exact answer to your question. If it can find an answer, the avatar will read it to you.It’s more for fun than anything else, but it’s a fresh take on searching.

For Example:
I typed in a quote from the Tim Burton Batman movie, in which the Joker asks, “Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?”
Well, Askvox.com had an answer for me which I found amusing. It doesn’t always have an answer though….but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question.

MsDewey.comWould you like an attractive woman (not an avatar) with attitude to talk to you while you search?
This is quite possibly the most original search engine going right now.

Just try it.

You’ll be in for a treat.

IceRocket.com – a search engine dedicated to blogs!

Searchbot.net – create your own robot to help you search for answers!
It’s fun to build a robot, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue to use it once that novelty wears off.

With my quest complete, I’ll now return to reality and tell you about a nifty new search from Yahoo. This search engine of theirs allows you use a horizontal slider bar to re-prioritize search results based on either commercial (i.e. shopping) or research (i.e. info). I thought it was an innovative and effective enhancement to the search results page.

Try it for yourself! It’s called Mindset.

All in all, I had fun using these alternative search engines and will likely use several again in the future.

Do you have a favorite search engine?



1. My Ghillie » What if Google & Yahoo Didn’t Exist? Fun Alternative Search … - October 20, 2007

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2. Cosmic Whale - October 22, 2007

Awesome 😀
I already have a search engine I’ve adopted, though.
It’s called Aidgle ( http://www.aidgle.com ) and all its revenue is donated to organizations working in places of natural disasters. Right now they’re being sent to the victims of the earthquake in Peru.

It’s a Google Custom search, but it’s still my favourite.


3. Mike - October 22, 2007

Hi CW,

Thanks for visiting my blog and adding a comment. I had not heard of aidgle.com but I visited the site today to check it out. What a good idea!

4. Andria - November 11, 2007

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the comment at my place and your interesting posts here.

You might want to visit an old class blog of a co-worker and classmate for more tips on “What if Google and Yahoo didn’t exist” at

5. Idetrorce - December 15, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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