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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Tips for the Holidays November 2, 2007

Posted by Mike in Fun, Learning, News.

Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s!”

Quote from article,”Green Your Holiday”, by Jaclyn Hope and Amy Gotliffe

The “Green Your Holiday” article was written by Jaclyn and Amy for ROAR Magazine; a quarterly publication for members of the Oakland Zoo. I found the article interesting and informative, so I wanted to create a post to share some of their suggestions.

This post will essentially paraphrase their article published in ROAR for Winter 2007, Issue 30.

Tips to Keep the Holiday Green:

  1. Keep cut trees out of the landfill! Visit Earth 911 for ideas and info.

  2. Buy LED Lights – they are 80% more efficient than regular lights.

  3. Put holiday lights on a timer.

  4. Consider gifts that won’t end up in a landfill, like tickets or a gift certificate for a massage.

  5. Re-use greeting cards as colorful gift tags.

  6. Travel Light by carpooling with friends or family.

Web Sites for Green Gift Ideas:

  1. NorthStarToys

  2. Worldwidechild

  3. Realgoods

  4. Globalexchange

  5. Greenshopping

  6. Ecomall

  7. Laptops.org

Think local, fair trade, organic, sustainable, handmade and creative!



1. christinaNnyc - November 6, 2007

I saw a great little feature on julib.com(LA edition) about a new store called The Little Seed. It’s a eco-friendly baby/kid store opening in Los Angeles. I don’t think their website is up and running for orders, but there is a mailing list available. Worth checking out if you have family and friends with Green growing families!

2. Mr. Wang Kai - November 16, 2007

This is a really good piece of advice.Especially as the public gets more aware of the needs to go green and be eco-friendly.

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