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Kids and Computers: Worried about Online Safety? Consider ‘KidSafe’ November 11, 2007

Posted by Mike in Hardware, Online Service, Technology, Worth the Money.


Are you worried about your kid’s unsupervised access on a computer in your home?

I know that I will be one day. At the moment, my two year olds are only savvy enough to open the CD-Rom tray and power off my PC (with a grin, of course).

In many homes, kids are the “tech” experts which makes controlling their PC access all the more difficult.

Here’s an easy question: How do you stop your teenager from driving your car?

Answer: Take away the keys.

While window shopping on ThinkGeek today, I saw an ad for a USB computer “key.”

No key, no computer. It’s literally that simple.

You have a key for your car, why not your computer?

If the USB key is in your pocket, you’ll know that your kids aren’t on your computer.

Here’s the web site for more information on the product: KidSafe.

Additional info:

Facts about online safety

Watch a quick video, get some quick facts

Here’s some links to the product in the news:

News article 1

News article 2

News article 3

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1. Peter Ellis - July 2, 2008

I tried Kidsafe but didn’t like it. I found that Sentry Parental Controls did a much better job of monitoring my children’s access on the Internet.


2. Mike - July 2, 2008

Thanks for the advice Peter. It is good to know about other options in case KidSafe doesn’t meet someone’s needs.

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