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Just For Fun: ElfYourself or ScroogeYourself December 7, 2007

Posted by Mike in Creative, Freebies, Fun, Humor, Online Service, Reviews, Technology.

Happy Friday & Happy Holidays!

If you’d like a quick laugh, try turning yourself into an elf or a Scrooge by using ElfYourself or ScroogeYourself. These sites allow you to paste photos onto the bodies of singing and dancing elves or “Scrooges” who will then do an energetic little song and dance number for your amusement.

The service is free and sponsored by OfficeMax, so you can expect a pop up ad and a little branding too.

All in all, it is quick and easy to do and definitely fun. You just upload a photo, use the tools on the web site to resize your photo onto an elf’s body and you’re done! You can then copy a link and paste it into an email or a blog.

Here’s what I’d look like as a jolly little elf:


The web site does get busy, so you may experience occasional problems accessing the site. It’s popular and it’s free so it may not load up during periods of high Internet traffic.



1. Mike - December 11, 2007

Hi All,

Here’s another site for some holiday fun and games:


Happy Holidays!

2. Mike - December 12, 2007

If you’re looking for green, eco-friendly gift ideas….read this entry:




3. Gary Johnson - December 20, 2007

I’m a beginner at this confuser stuff…love the elfyourself but cannot email the finished product due to I use hotmail..I’ve tried to reconfigure hotmail as the default,etc., no joy? Can you explain in extremely simple terms how to copy a link(?) and paste it to email(?)
Thank you’
Gary Johnson

4. Mike - December 20, 2007

Hi Gary,

I’ll give it a try. I am assuming you are not using an Apple Mac computer.

Here’s our link to practice with:


Part I – COPY

1. Move your mouse cursor so the pointer is over the word yahoo.
(The mouse cursor icon will change from an arrow to a hand. )

2. Next, click your “Right” mouse button to call up a small menu.

3. On the small menu, find “copy shortcut” or just “copy” and use your mouse to select either one and then left click.

4. You have now copied the link. You’re halfway there.


1. Login to your hotmail account.
2. Compose a new message, add the recipient’s email address and the email subject.
3. Click your mouse into the area where you’d write the body of the message. (You know: Hi Johnny, How about them baseball players?)

4. With your cursor in the message area, click the “right” mouse button to again call up the small menu.

5. On the small menu, use your mouse to select the option PASTE and then left click on the word PASTE.

6. The link should now appear in the body of your message.

7. Finish writing your message and click SEND.

That should do it! Good luck.

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