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I’m Now an Official Yahoo Power Mailer! May 14, 2008

Posted by Mike in Blogging, Online Service, Technology, Yahoo.

Computer graphic of a person holding a gold ribbon

Here’s part of the email message I received from the folks at Yahoo! today:

“As a loyal Yahoo! Mail user, you’re one of the select few to receive our exclusive Power User rewards.”

What privileges does the title of “Power Mailer” bestow upon me?

  • Sending messages up to 20MB in size
    • Never mind that standard Yahoo email accounts only accept 10MB size emails
  • Premium Customer Care
    • Think of it as a Disneyland-esque virtual “Fast Pass” that puts me near the top of the waiting list for technical support help.
  • Priority Notifications about important Yahoo! Mail developments
    • Every blogger’s wish….early info on new products and features for new blog posts!

I promise not to let this esteemed title go to my head….much.

In all seriousness though, it’s nice to know that a company appreciates my loyalty to their services and gives me a few free perks.

The “Power Mailer” features still do not equal those offered by the Yahoo! Mail Plus service, which costs a reasonable $19.99 per year.

Who knew that my 3,707 emails (and counting) in my inbox would earn me Power mailer status? Yes, I’m an email pack rat. But, what’s the harm in keeping emails? Yahoo gives me so much mailbox storage space that I’m disinclined to delete anything and its not like my wife or family has to deal with my virtual clutter.

Should Yahoo! reward its heavy users with perks even though the subscribed to service is free?

What do you think?

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1. gem - June 11, 2008

I’ve been using Yahoo basic since 2000. I envy your Yahoo status right now. Did they give you POP access as well? I’m wondering…

2. Mike - June 11, 2008

Hi Gem,

No free POP access. Its still not the equivalent of their paid upgrade. I just get the ability to send ginormous attachments and better priority to chat with a tech support person.

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