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An Ode to the New Hands-Free Driving Law in California July 1, 2008

Posted by Mike in Blogging, Fun, Hands-free, Hardware, Humor, News, Poem, Technology.

An Ode to Hands-Free Driving in California

California drivers, July 1st is here!

Get that cell phone out of your ear!

Hands free is the way to be

Or you’ll get fined by the CHP

If you want to drive hands free

A BLUETOOTH ear piece is the key

Driving and dialing just isn’t shrewd

(Not to mention a tiny bit rude)

But take heart, Dear Drivers

Don’t feel vexed

The law still allows you to text!

(That’s it. This agonizing poem is done. Thanks for reading. Rhyming is fun.)

Get answers to the FAQs about the law from the California DMV.



1. HeyStephanie - July 5, 2008

How long did it take you to write that up Mike? LOL that would have taken me forever and knowing me, I probably would have come up with a haiku in lieu of a poem.

Did you hear about that one driver that was talking her cell phone and attempted to throw her cell phone out of her vehicle when she saw a police officer?


2. Mike - July 6, 2008

I think haikus are harder than poems. I think it took less than an hour, but I wasn’t clock watching. I hadn’t heard about the lady who tossed the phone…too funny! She was probably fined for littering too.

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